Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Beach ed

Beach Ed 

This is a photo of Nikau playing seaweed and we played the game at beach ed/Westshore.

First we arrived at Westshore and we introduced each other to the lifeguards but not us, second we went to the girls room and put our bags their and then we came out and we got split into 2 groups, 1 was year 5s and 2 were the year 4s the year 5s got their brain food and went up stairs to eat while we were eating the lifeguards(Mitch and Machalea) were telling the rules what to do if you are in the water.
Next we played a little game and I was one of the volunteers that act out the theme and I felt nervous but it was fun and I was swimming in the wrong direction. After we did that we came down from the stairs and had morning tea and learned more. At last we had lunch, after lunch we went for a swim in the sea and it was fun and then we had a free swim. Sadly left after all that fun. 

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