Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Beach ed

Beach Ed 

This is a photo of Nikau playing seaweed and we played the game at beach ed/Westshore.

First we arrived at Westshore and we introduced each other to the lifeguards but not us, second we went to the girls room and put our bags their and then we came out and we got split into 2 groups, 1 was year 5s and 2 were the year 4s the year 5s got their brain food and went up stairs to eat while we were eating the lifeguards(Mitch and Machalea) were telling the rules what to do if you are in the water.
Next we played a little game and I was one of the volunteers that act out the theme and I felt nervous but it was fun and I was swimming in the wrong direction. After we did that we came down from the stairs and had morning tea and learned more. At last we had lunch, after lunch we went for a swim in the sea and it was fun and then we had a free swim. Sadly left after all that fun. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

moon moth

How I made my insect:
First I wrapped some newspaper to make the body
and the head, Second I put some tape over my bug
to keep it all together next I put newspaper and glue
to stick it on while it drys the next day it is fully dried
and I get to start painting after the paint is dried you get to put the antennas on.

Beach ed

Beach Ed
You have to swim between the flags because if you do not swim between the flags something might happen to you.

You must have an adult to watch over you or anything might happen to you like a shark might of killed you (maybe just to be safe) never mind but you need an adult to watch for safety.

Especially if are at the beach you must listen to the lifeguards because they keep you safe from drowning.

4 never swim or surf alone
never swim or surf alone or you might get hurt and no one will save so you need to have someone by your side.

If you go to the beach and you think that that water is to dangerous stay out or stay in the shallow end if like.

Friday, 2 June 2017

image for writng

The monstrous tree monster


The monster/Lorena
The leaves/Lorena
The legs/Lorena
The brown branches/Lorena

   1       once upon a time there was a monstrous tree monster that lived in the forest all alone and it didn't have any friends. Her mum and dad  were in a cave fast asleep and she was looking for food and water. She was scared because the wolves were howling but she wasn't to scared because she has wolf blood in her so she howled and ran back home and set up the food on the table and the water in old cups. Her mum and dad woke up and filled up their cups with water.

2     The autumn leaves swished and swayed as the monstrous tree monster was running home, and went to sleep. The wind was setting in so the autumn leaves were swishing and swashing. Straight away the monstrous tree monster woke up and ran into the forest.  He was looking for his friends swish swish swish went  the leaves, “oh no what am I going to do i’m trapped” said the monstrous tree monster.While the leaves were getting everywhere the monstrous tree monster was getting tired from the leaves so it just collapsed. The mum and dad woke up and went searching for her.

3  After getting trapped she found a way out.”Oh no my legs look like wolf legs”cried the monstrous tree monster. While she was crying she heard a familiar sound but it was not one of the sounds she was waiting for. It was another monster that had the same legs as the monstrous tree monster.
Straight after that it said in a crying way “why do I have wolf legs, I look terrible like this” “ oh no what have you done to your legs sir” said the monstrous tree monster. “Well I was looking for my family in the woods and then I found this big big door that was the size of a giant’s door so I stepped in and found that my legs were like this 10 minutes ago, and that 10 minutes I was crying like you did and I never knew that there was another tree monster but there you are and I finally found another one” said the monstrous tree monster that was crying for 10 minutes. “Well well you don’t need to cry about your legs they look like you can run faster than me sir”.

4  After telling the beautiful story they both said together “hey you are getting something on your body” and it was branches.It was growing and growing and growing and then everything stopped for 10 seconds and then it released back as usual but something changed it was the branches that was different and this time it made the monstrous tree monsters much more fabulous than before, so they celebrated a festival and it was a very very good festival.

The end By Lorena     

Monday, 29 May 2017

camp thank you letter

Nikau 6\7                                                IMG_20170516_124110.jpgIMG_20170518_111955.jpg
Parkvale school

Howard street

Hastings  4122

May the 23rd 2017

Dear nicki

“Nicki you’re the best parent i’ve ever met. I liked the food and it was like i was in a new world. The dinner was not too bad and the gravy was taking forever to stir, the noodles were okay and it was the best masterchef i’ve ever done. Second you never lie because you are true mostly with everything and you are an adult.  You cared a lot.

My favourite bit at camp was doing the masterchef because when we were doing the pancakes the boys mostly licked the pancake mix because they were hungry. Second of all we all had a turn but mostly I had two turns because I  always learn and copy from my dad while we are doing the pancakes at home.   

My next favourite activity was the amazing race because 1 fact about the amazing race was that when we went to the wire bridge it was much better.

An interesting fact was the great walk of Michael Noonan. (the headless horseman)
Michael Noonan was finding for his captain but while he was riding his horse the warriors were hiding and BOOM!!!!!! Went the gun well really it only shot the head part that’s why he is called the headless horseman.

Yours Sincerely